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Valproic acid is highly effective in absence seizures and is an alternative / adjuvant drug for generalized and partial seizures

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Product Description

Product Overview

Mechanism of Action

Valproate appears to act by multiple mechanisms:

(a) A Phenytoin like frequency dependent prolongation of Na+ channel inactivation
(b) Attenuation of Ca2+ mediated ‘T’ current
(c) Augmentation of release of inhibitory transmitter GABA by inhibiting its degradation as well as increasing its synthesis.

Oral absorption of Valproic acid is good. Peak plasma levels are achieved in 1-4 hrs. It is 90% bound to plasma proteins; 95% metabolized in liver by oxidation and glucuronide conjugation – excreted in urine. Plasma t½ is 15 hours; but anticonvulsant effects are longer lasting


Valproic acid is highly effective in absence seizures and is an alternative / adjuvant drug for generalized and partial seizures

To prevent recurrent febrile seizures in children, also used in some cases of Myoclonic and Atonic seizures


Adults : 200mg 3 times a day, gradually increased at weekly intervals upto a maximum of 600mg 3 times a day according to response.

Children : 10-15mg/kg/day in three divided doses, increase according to response at weekly interval by 5mg/kg/day upto 30-40mg/kg/day


Known hypersensitivity

Special Precautions

Caution in patients in hepatic and renal diseases
Monitor liver function test
Wallbrurate Tablets (Sodium Valporate and Valporic Acid)

Adverse Drug Reactions

Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, ataxia are dose related effects Alopecia, hyperammonemia, sedation, vertigo, tremor, nystagmus and confusion can occur with prolonged use Hypersensitivity reactions like rashes and thrombocytopenia

Asymptomatic increase in serum transaminases, rarely hepatitis and pancreatitis It is teratogenic

Status in
1. Pregnancy: Contraindicated
2. Lactation : Use with caution
3. Old age : May be given in reduced dose
4. Children : May be given in dose as advised


Phenytoin: Increases its level by inhibiting metabolism and displacing it from protein binding
Phenobarbital, primidone: Inhibits their metabolism Clonazepam: Simultaneous administration may precipitate absence syndrome Carbamazepine: Induce each other’s metabolism

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