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Taj Dearob Pharma / Manufacturing

Taj Dearob pharma Manufacture Dosage forms (or unit doses)which are essentially pharmaceutical products.


At Taj Dearob pharma, we have eight manufacturing sites situated worldwide. Our state of the art facilities have international accreditation such as WHO, TGA, GMP certification and US FDA approval.

Dosage & Development

Dosage forms (or unit doses) are essentially pharmaceutical products in the form in which they are marketed for use.It involves a mixture of active drug components and non-drug components and depending on the root

R & D

Research and Development (R&D) is a key component of the Taj Dearob Pharma business strategy. It enables us to conduct research and development of innovative products using leading edge technologies.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control staff compliment consist of highly qualified individuals, who have in depth knowledge and experience in all areas of pharma

Regulatory Affairs

Regulation of medicinal products is imperative to the success of any product and in turn, to the promotion of the health and wellbeing of our society.

Manufacturing Medicines

R & D

    Strategy Development:

  • Study Design
  • Study Feasibility Assessment
  • Clinical Development Plans
    Clinical Pharmacology:

  • Phase II to IV Studies
  • Collaboration with Medical Faculties
  • Drug Development Programs
  • Patient Registries
  • Biometric Identification of Patients
    Medical Services:

  • Medical Monitoring
  • Protocol Development
  • Pharmacovigilance


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Taj Dearob Pharmaceuticals is an Ghana based pharmaceutical company that markets a broad range of innovative therapeutic medicines including UK Generics, high-end Oncology products, more info.